It works, Zeta v099 plays decent chess, with an classic parallel AlphaBeta
approach, and I am convinced that with some further work it could reach more
than 3000 CCRL Elo on an highend gpu.

But the obvious thing is, it lacks nps throughput per worker, the single thread
performance is too low, and even with an better parallel search, there is not
much to gain on massive parallel systems with more than 128 workers.

So to be able to beat the top 10 chess engines out there, the nps throughput per
worker must be increased ten or twenty fold...

during early development I tried an design based on an LIFO-Stack parallel
search. It had the best nps throughput of all my designs, but I was not able to
implement AlphaBeta pruning efficient, so the speed gain was lost again during

If I had to start over, and make another Zeta version, I would try the LIFO-
Stack based parallel search again...