Zeta v099k did not scale well on Nvidia Pascal and Turing gpus, so I wrote a
patch to fix this issue, and released Zeta v099l:


On Pascal it runs now 4 workers per Compute Unit and on Turing 2 workers per
Compute Unit during guessconfigx.

According to Nvidia papers, Turing should have 16 wide SIMD units, with four
units per Compute Unit, but according to my tests I can only speculate that the
integer units are 32 wide, not 16, with two of them per Compute Unit.

During benchmarks on other systems it was shown again that some Windows OS have
an OS gpu timeout, so you may want to apply this registry update on your Windows


Download, double-click and reboot OS to increase gpu timeout from 2 to 20 seconds.

If you want to run an SMP benchmark for your gpu, I suggest to increase the gpu
timeout to 400 seconds: