Zeta Chess

Open Score with Nvidia 8800 GT/GTX 750

My own, main objective in computer chess was already solved by AlphaZero and Leela Chess Zero, how to use a GPU for chess. Nevertheless I have an open score with my Zeta engine, Zeta Dva on an AMD Phenom X4 CPU plays chess against Zeta on an Nvidia 8800 GT GPU, now with hardware upgrade, Zeta Dva on an Intel i5-6500, 4-cores@3.2GHz, plays chess against Zeta on an Nvidia GTX 750, 512-shader-cores@1GHz, a 30$ CPU plays chess against a 30$ GPU. I hope to find in 2024 some time to settle this one ;)

Zeta Dva v0405 + Zeta v099q Blueprint

I got everything I need on paper:

  • Board Representation: Quad-Bitboards
  • Move Generation: vectorized Kogge-Stone
  • Search Algorithm: RMO - parallel AlphaBeta
  • Selective Search: NNOM++*
  • Evaluation: SF 13 NNUE**
  • Parallel Layers: direction-wise, square-wise, NN-wise**, AB-worker-wise, PV-Splitting-device-wise

now to find some time to implement this blueprint, first on CPU+AVX2 then on GPU.

*NNOM++ - Move Ordering Neural Networks: use SF 13 NNUE for selective search in non-QS search.

** still need to figure how to use 64 gpu threads of a worker during NNUE inference.

Zeta - Source Code and Binaries online

I fixed some issues in Zeta Dva and Zeta, source code and binaries are online again



Please consider the README file or --help option before running the Zeta engine on GPU.

I lost the source of Zeta Vintage, and an attempt to do an rewrite in C showed again that the 6502 processor should really be programmed in assembly, so a rewrite in 6502 assembly is still on my bucket list...


Alternative downloads:



Zeta - Source Code

Zeta and Zeta Dva support only some basic Xboard protocol commands and some users have reported problems with the configuration and interface of the last Zeta versions.‭ ‬So i will publish the source code again when these parts are more user friendly designed and tested for Windows Chess-GUIs like Winboard or Arena.

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